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Turning BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Touch Tablet to a normal Android


Best guideline to do this can be found here: However, I could not find the firmware mentioned there. I stead I used the version found here: After that, the original guideline above is easy to follow.

Starting with LineageOS on OnePlus 6


I was recently looking for a replacement for a Google based Android OS. Android is great OS but the idea of sharing all my user data with Google seems not reasonable to me. The first option for a replacement was Lineage OS. I was prepared to write detailed installations intructions…

Installing SALOME-Meca on Windows 10


Cyprien Rusu has made very good job (as always) in guiding to install Salome-Meca on Windows platform. But that article is now more than one year old and there has become new downloads available on Code_Aster download page (for Windows). I am used to write these kind of short posts…

Testing FEM Workbench of FreeCAD


FreeCAD is a parametric 3D modeling software and it is also free and open-sourced. The latest versions of FreeCAD are equipped with a FEM module, which is implemented as an integration of Calculix solver. In this post we will try out the FEM module by creating and calculating a simple…

Nextcloud Installation on Kapsi


This guide describes the installation steps of Nextcloud server on Kapsi shared hosting service. It covers two methods: the first is based on usage of software with graphical user-interface and the other is focusing on command line usage. The first is suitable for beginners and the latter for more advanced Linux users. At…

Installing Calculix Launcher


Calculix is an open source finite element analysis software. And Calculix Launcher is a tool that provides a nice graphical user-interface between the components of the tool stack. Read more from here. This guide is primarily written for my self to point out the steps of the procedure of installing…