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Posts tagged as “Home Automation”

Automation for Home Assistant


After getting Home Assistant running and hooked up with some device, it is time to start putting automation into the system. For example, I have 10 different light bulbs in my system and I would like to make some automated control over them. Follow along and you may learn how…

Customizing Home Assistant


After successfully installing and steadily running Home Assistant you may wonder where to start setting things up, not only in sense of the user interface preferences but also the actual data inside the system. In this post I will try to give a some sort of feeling of how to…

Adding IKEA Trådfri to Home Assistant


This is not a paid advertisement. Most of the stuff I have ever bought from IKEA has turned out being crap in the long run (some very shortly) and that is why I normally keep avoiding their products as long as there are any reasonable alternatives available. However, now I…

Getting on with


The first time I tested Home Assistant software was couple of years ago and it was on Linux desktop. I liked the idea and the execution, and it made me think I would like to able to build my own custom kit for some random home automation. So I decided…