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Posts tagged as “Linux”

Installing Calculix Launcher

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Calculix is an open source finite element analysis software. And Calculix Launcher is a tool that provides a nice graphical user-interface between the components of the tool stack. Read more from here. This guide is primarily written for my self to point out the steps of the procedure of installing…

Nextcloud Client for Linux

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If you have been following the open source cloud storage software scene lately, you may know the history of ownCloud and Nextcloud. In short, Nextcloud is a fork of ownCloud, an open source project that consists of client and server software for creating and running file hosting services for personal…

Getting on with

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The first time I tested Home Assistant software was couple of years ago and it was on Linux desktop. I liked the idea and the execution, and it made me think I would like to able to build my own custom kit for some random home automation. So I decided…

Joomla! Installation on Remote Server

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To install Joomla! -publishing platform on remote server follow the these steps: Login to you server account via ssh: ssh and enter your credentials. cd to the right directory you are intended to serve your web site from (public_html, www or similar) Download Joomla! installation package: wget You…

WordPressin asennus Kapsille

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This tutorial is in Finnish language because it concerns a highly local service. WordPress -julkaisualustan asennus on helppoa. Näitä ohjeita seuraamalla asennat julkaisualustan Kapsin tai vastaavan palvelun serverille. Ohje toimii sellaisenaan Linux -käyttöjärjestelmällä, kuten Ubuntu tms. Windowsilla komentoja täytyy soveltaa ja esim. ssh:n sijasta käyttää Putty-ohjelmaa tai vastaavaa. Aluksi tarkista,…